Primary 7

welcome to our class blog

In a VERY busy week, we have somehow managed to fit in learning..

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* in Swimming, how to glide in the water
* how to write a description of ourselves in Spanish
* how to sprint at P.E.
* about Alexander Fleming who discovered penicillin
*about the Scotswoman Jane Haining, who gave her life to stay with Jewish children in Hungary during the war
* more about mixed numbers, improper fractions and division strategies in Maths
*to play chords for ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by using the Smart Guitar in Garageband
* how to run relay races with expert baton changes
* to use exciting verbs to write an atmospheric night time poem
* to concentrate and try to do our best work in our Folio Books
* how we can share our school and playground happily with pupils from another school.
* on our trip , about the work done in Redhall Walled Garden
* to identify Spring blossom and leaves


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