Primary 7

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Another whirlwind week for P5 , learning…

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* in Swimming, how to do the front crawl
* how to describe our eye and hair colour in Spanish
* how to do the high jump at P.E.
* about active and passive verbs
*how to use verbs in the past tense
* using a picture as stimulus, to use our imaginations to write an atmospheric description
*to create songs using Garage Band
* all about the engineer John Logie Baird
* about fractions in maths
* about micro-organisms by doing experiments with apples
* to be space biologists by taking part in the Rocket Science Space seeds experiment

* spelling rules regarding ‘ng’ –e, and comparatives
* to be confident enough to deliver our own presentations to the class
* to be a supportive audience
* to assess each other’s presentation skills
* about the Muslim sacred building, the Mosque
* from two of our classmates, all about the Qu’ran



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