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Last Week of School!

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The Brilliant Bloggers this week are Harrison,  Umair and Amber


This week P5 went to the information centre at Queensferry to learn about the 3 bridges which are the Forth Rail Bridge, the Forth Road Bridge and the Queensferry Crossing. It was interesting seeing all the bridges out of the huge window.

Here are some photos of what we did there…..

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We also watched a clip about Chris Hoy and Joanne Nadins new book called Flying Fergus.

We then drew pictures of a bike.

P5 also did a bake sale and we raised £73.56 which is incredible because we were able to do it without Mrs Thomson.

We were making animal stories with Mrs Robertson in groups.

On Wednesday we had our last week of ukulele.:( But to make the last week fun we learnt how do plucking and how to do a strum pattern.

P5 did our Sport Relief Run and luckily nobody died. Not even Mrs Thomson though it was a close one. We ran round the playground 4 times. St Peters children thought it looked like fun and they wanted to do it too.

Since Mrs Thomson was ill on the bake sale and was going to bring cakes, we decorated them with sprinkles and icing and eggs and ate them after our run. Also Yianna and Alma taught us how to make Easter baskets.

   Happy Easter from P5

See you after the holidays





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