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Hi. Its Abby and Marwa.We are this week’s brilliant bloggers.


This week unfortunately Mrs Ingleby is still off but we hope that she will be back soon.

On Monday and Wednesday we learned about the Forth Bridges.There will be three bridges crossing the same strech of water and made in three different centuries and in  three different ways. On Friday we were in different groups  and each group had to draw a bridge.

On Wednesday some people went to swimming lessons. We practised  bobbing and shaping in the water.

In P.E we started tennis and practised basketball skills.

On Wednesday we started ukulele classes.We learned that ukulele means jumping flea.

We were delighted to welcome a new girl to our class – all the way from Australia! Here ishe is playing the ukulele.

We wrote stories after we had looked at a picture of a mysterious harp by a river in a forest.We needed to use our imaginations.

That’s all we have this week- Bye-Bye!




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