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Another busy week , learning..

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• how to group data, find the frequency and show the results on a bar graph
• to do a circuit of gymnastic activities and P.E.
• days of the week in Spanish, and how to talk about today, yesterday and tomorrow
• about the Scottish Colourist, Samuel Peploe
• what a ‘ still life’ picture is and how to set up our own one
• how to draw our still life with oil pastels
• spelling rules ‘-y’ and ‘-le’
• Spanish vocabulary for days of the week, numbers, months and weather by doing a daily calendar
• what the five food groups are and how to make an ‘Eatwell’ plate
• how to be more energy efficient through ICT activities
• to reflect on what we know now in our Rainforest project
• in Swimming, how to bob and stay afloat, and how to swim at the deep end
• how Chinese New Year is celebrated
• how to say and write ‘teacher’, ’school’ ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ in Chinese
• which animals are in the Chinese New Year story and how to say those words in Chinese.

We were so busy today, the Brilliant Bloggers didn’t manage to finish their blog. We’ll do it on Monday!


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