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This week’s brilliant blog!

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Hi its Renad and Mina and we are the brilliant bloggers this week.

On Monday we learnt how electricty is used. There was hydro power,solar power,wind and nuclear.

In maths we learnt how fast we can use our time tables facts and data handling.

In PE we did gymnastic using the  monkey bars and learning our rolls and balances. It  was fun!

On Wednesday half of the class went to swimming. They swam from the deep end to the shallow end.While they were at swimming the other half were painting Nessie and the loch for our song and after when we finished our paintings we went to ICT.

Today we were reciting our poems and the class winner on the 3rd  of February will say it out loud in assembly.

We did our cinquain poems about the bad weather because it was so stormy!

Unfortunately our Botanics trip was cancelled because of the high winds but we got a bit lucky  in that the Spanish visitors came. They told us a little story in Spanish about the dragon and the little princess and then we made little books!

Yesterday we played Spanish and French games like brainbox and animal snap.

In music we were practisinhg our song

When some people in our class and some p6 were in choir the rest of the people were playing a time tables game and the p5 won over 11 p6s and there was only 6 p5s!!!!


bye bye thats all from us!!

Renad and Mina


One thought on “This week’s brilliant blog!

  1. Girls, this is a FANTASTIC blog. You worked so hard! Well done.

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