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This is the brilliant bloggers

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Hello this is Umut & Umair,

It has been a long time since we did the blog.Today is not 2015, it is 2016 !!!! Today is also our first blog in 2016.

On Tuesday we had a zoologist called Donald Malone.He came in the afternoon. He had made brilliant Rainforest activities in the dinner hall then we went upstairs to the music room for a tribal dance. It was great fun!

Here  we are doing all the challenges.


On Thursday five of us all got ’10 weeks in a row’ for their spellcheck  (good, isn`t it?).


Ali was pupil of the week.

On Friday we went to the library. When Mrs Thomson  went to get her stapler, we all were quiet so we got dojos.

That’s all for this week!

Umut and Umair





One thought on “This is the brilliant bloggers

  1. The workshop was loads of fun!I wish we could do it again!

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