Primary 7

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Here is what we have been learning so far in 2016…

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  • how to take a pulse , and find our active and resting pulses
  • about compound words
  • to share ideas about our creative learning object with the P3s
  • to plan a party with a set budget
  • all about Fibonacci numbers and how to draw a Fibonacci spiral
  • That ‘ if you can multiply , you can divide’ !!
  • how to do gymnastics
  • what is good or bad for our singing
  • Lots of new vocabulary from our class novel ‘The Lost World’
  • all about the Glasgow architect and artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and how to design a picture in his style
  • how to make papier maché
  • how to work as a group to design our Rainforest tribal masks
  • to use Zoom Rainforest to complete a quiz online
  • how to talk about the weather in Spanish- by doing the conga!
  • how creative we can be when we find a lightbulb in our Mystery Box…


  • how to improve our speed in our times tables challenges
  • how to make up a group Gymnastic routine
  • vocabulary for school subjects in French
  • how to sing our Scots Assembly song in Music
  • to be very creative with our ideas for ‘Lighttown’,making up characters and buildings
  • Spanish vocabulary for days of the week, numbers,months and weather by doing a daily calendar
  • all about Rainforest tribes through the amazing workshop with Donald Malone!
  • how to write a letter of thanks





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