Primary 7

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The holidays are nearly here, but we’ve been busy learning..

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* the Scottish country dances Dashing White Sergeant, The Flying Scotsman and the Orcadian Strip the Willow
* Christmas vocabulary in Spanish
* Christmas vocabulary in French
* how to use our 5 and 3 times tables and addition skills to solve a Christmas Delivery challenge
* how to work out what is the best deal and the best value
* how to write a Christmas Tree shape poem
* spelling rules ‘ow’, ‘ild/ind’ and‘or/ore’
* to work collaboratively to share information about the Rainforest
* to be confident and clear when presenting our Rainforest projects to the class ( Red Group)
* how to mix colours and use different brushes to get different effects in our Henri Rousseau paintings
* how to use information from Little Explorers online dictionary to complete a Rainforest Quiz




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