Primary 7

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Somehow this week we have fitted in so many things , learning…


* how to read maps and map symbols
* how to use grid references
* how to pivot and use a bounce pass at basketball.
* how to check our stamina by doing a bleep test in P.E.
* about the war poet Wilfred Owen and his connection to the Craiglockhart area
* why his poems like ‘ Anthem for Doomed Youth’ and ‘Futility’ are so effective in conveying the uselessness of war
* through the ABC Music session, how to conduct and read a simple score
* to use calculators
* how using doubles and near doubles can help us in addition.
* spelling rules ‘-et’,’oi/oy’ and ‘a-e’
* to think why forests and trees are important and to make up our own Tree Champion
* Spanish words for family members
* by our visit to Polwarth Church and garden
-how to plant bulbs properly
– lots about ‘local heroes’ who died in World War 1.


2 thoughts on “Somehow this week we have fitted in so many things , learning…

  1. Lovely pictures P5! Really looking forward to the Spring and seeing the results of your hard work planting bulbs in our church garden. Maureen at Polwarth Church

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