Primary 7

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This has been a very active week , learning…

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* in Science, that the force of gravity keeps us on the ground
* that there are many other forces such as air or water resistance, friction and upthrust.
* how to use Excel to do our times tables
* how to make up our own stations in a fitness circuit
* about the correct us of speech marks, and how we need to enclose all punctuation within them
* to use atmospheric language when writing spooky stories and description
*that there are native Scottish trees growing in our playground – oak, silver birch, rowan and Scots pine
* how to take a bark rubbing
* what the word ’deciduous’ means
* from our trip to the wood:
– that the quieter we are, the more chance we have of spotting some wildlife
-that there are many different kinds of trees in all different sizes
– what a wood looks like in Autumn
– how to make ‘environmental art’ from natural objects around us.


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