Primary 7

welcome to our class blog

Leading up to the October break, we have been learning….

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* how to make static electricity
* to improve our fitness by doing circuits at P.E.
* how using descriptive language and alliteration can help us to write atmospheric poems for National Poetry Day
* how to identify key points in a film clip, and use note-taking skills to spot the correct and incorrect statements
* vertical addition in maths
* how to use clues from the story read so far to predict what will happen at the end of ‘Stig of the Dump’!
* about the caves at Lascaux in France, where Stone Age cave art was found
*how to replicate the style of those paintings
* to identify Spanish colour words by playing a matching game
* how to design and cost our own Theme Park, keeping to a set budget.
* how confident we can be performing to the whole school in Tollcross has got Talent!’


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