Primary 7

welcome to our class blog

What an exciting week we’ve had , learning…


* how magnets work and which materials are attracted to them
* all about the artist M.C Escher
* how he used tessellation for many of his pictures and how to do that ourselves
* how exciting it is to visit the Modern Art Gallery!
* how to use apostrophes for contractions
* soft ‘c’ spelling words
* how to use Puppet Pals for French conversations on the Ipad.
* how to write the words for colours and numbers in Spanish.
* how to aim more accurately at targets
* how to play the 7 passes game with a tennis ball- tricky!
* how we can improve the music we composed to accompany animations
* to design attractive Christmas cards to raise money for school funds

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3 thoughts on “What an exciting week we’ve had , learning…

  1. the trip was nice and the maze was cool

  2. I am glad we went to the trip
    By Aleena

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